Privacy Policy

Last amended: September 20, 2010

I. Introduction

This Privacy Policy sets forth the process of collection, storage, use, distribution and protection of your personal information while visiting websites and using services provided by Forex Ltd that contain links to this Privacy Policy statement. By visiting the websites and using the Company's services you acknowledge and agree with this Privacy Policy.

II. Collection of Client information

Forex Ltd may solely or via agents collect the types of information about its Clients as follows:

  • Personal information (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number etc.);
  • Financial information (bank details, transfer statistics etc.);
  • Website traffic data (IP address, type of browser used etc.)

1. Personal information

Personal information may be requested in connection with registration and subscription for certain Company's services, activities and contests offered by Forex Ltd. The Company collects only the necessary information about the Clients for the purpose of improving the quality of the services and contacting the Clients. The information obtained accordingly may be used jointly with the information obtained by other affiliates of Forex Ltd. Personal information may be changed or amended at the Client's request.

2. Financial information

Financial information is provided by the Client for the purpose of obtaining full-fledged Company services. This information may be shared with intermediary third parties, such as banks, electronic payment systems, agents acting on behalf of the Company, other counteragents of the Company, in order to effect and facilitate payments between Clients and the Company.

3. Website traffic data

Website traffic information includes data obtained when the Client visits the Company's website. Most of non-personal information is tracked by cookie files and other tracking technologies that help to record the data and adjust settings in accordance with visitor preference. Such information is collected for the purpose of analyzing Forex Ltd's website productivity and efficiency. It may be used to enhance quality of Client service, facilitate work with the website and improve the material.

III. Storage and transfer of Client information

Personal information provided to Forex Ltd may be submitted by its agents and affiliates from other regions and countries in order to unify the data to facilitate the process of user information management.

Forex Ltd provides its customers with an opportunity to use a secure internal mail service to guarantee additional level of security in the process of data transmitting between Clients and the Company.

The Client is the only responsible for providing reliable information. In case when the Company deems necessary it is entitled to verify credibility of the provided information as well as to request confirmation of the provided information if it is required to provide services to the Client.

IV. Keeping Client information secure

Forex Ltd takes all reasonable precautions to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal and financial information. Different technologies and procedures are embedded to prevent from unlawful access, use or data disclosure. Your personal information provided to Forex Ltd resides on secure servers with limited access that are located in secure premises. Forex Ltd encrypts important information (i.e. credit card numbers or passwords) as it is transferred via internet by using various encryption methods, such as SSL protocol.

Forex Ltd bears no responsibility for disclosure of the Client personal information, access passwords in case when such disclosure is resulted from the Client's negligence or inattention as it may bring moral or material damage.

V. Client information disclosure

The Company does not provide the information received by the Client to third parties except as expressly set forth in this Privacy Policy or required by law.

Forex Ltd bears no responsibility for intentional or unintentional posting by the Client or third parties of personal information about the Client or third parties on public websites pertained by Forex Ltd.

VI. Changes and amendments in Privacy Policy

Forex Ltd reserves the right to solely change or amend this Privacy Policy. It is your responsibility to check this Privacy Policy periodically for changes.